CZowl Rewards Program FAQS

How to join CZowl Rewards Program?

It’s totally free to join, you don’t have to pay the annual fee, just sign up or buy any products from our site, and you will be automatically enrolled into the CZowl Rewards Program.

How many reward points will I earn for my purchase?

You'll earn 10point for every dollar you spend at Czowl store.(1 dollar=10point).

You can use this points to get coupon for your next shopping or paypal cash back. 

Note:After using the coupon or getting the paypal cask back,we do not accept refund unless the product defective.

What are CZowl Points

CZowl Points are additional bonus points you can earn by completing various activities within your CZowl account. No matter you want to earn points, or you want to use points, firstly you must login to your CZowl account.

How to use CZowl Points?

---When the your reach the level, the coupon will automatically appear, which can be used directly.

---How to get cash back ? 

When your points reach the level, contact our staff at the bottom right of the page, or send us an email and provide your Paypal accountvia  

We will cash back within 24 hours and deduct the corresponding points If you have any questions about it, please contact us free.