What is Nickel

Nickel is a chemical element with the symbol Ni and atomic number 28. It is a silvery-white lustrous metal with a slight golden tinge. Nickel belongs to the transition metals and is hard and ductile. it has been used for plating iron and brass, coating chemistry equipment, and manufacturing certain alloys that retain a high silvery polish, such as German silver. About 9% of world nickel production is still used for corrosion-resistant nickel plating. Nickel-plated objects sometimes provoke nickel allergy. 

The harm of nickel to human body

While we’re cooking using nickel pigmented dishes that release nickel into our food.

While we’re drinking our water that earlier was contaminated by nickel-plated faucets.

Nickel compounds are carcinogenic and cause lung and nasal cancer.

Therefore, it is important to choose nickel free jewelry.

Why jewelry manufacturers use nickel?

Nickel alloy is pretty toxic to us and we really have enough of it from our food, water, and even air. 

But jewelry manufacturers use nickel to decrease costs of production and save money.That’s why nickel free jewelry is usually more expensive than jewelry containing nickel. But it's totally worth it, so don't go cheap on your health. Check our nickel free jewelry.

How to choose nickel free jewelry

The simple answer to a nickel allergy is to not wear nickel-containing jewelry. Here are some stylish alternatives that won’t upset your skin.

1.Titanium jewelry. 

The high-quality metal also keeps its shine better than many cheaper, nickel-containing products.

2.Sterling Silver jewelry.

Without the worry of unhappy skin, a nickel-free metal that mixes only silver and copper is Ideal for everyday wear.

3.Silicone jewelry

The super flexible design is more comfortable to wear and less intrusive than most pieces of jewelry.

4.Ceramic jewelry

The non-metallic jewelry are seeing a rise in popularity due to their unique appearance, their pure color and their ability to resist scratches. 

5. Stainless Steeljewelry

One of the biggest frustrations of a jewelry allergy is not being able find simple earrings. Czowl provide simple and classic jewelry. Each set comes with a variety of stud sizes and also comes with a wide range of styles for every occasion.