Christmas is approaching, whether you meet such troubles: you want to buy a gift to reward your hard working but you don’t know what to buy or you want to give a gift to your friend but don't know what she might like.

You can't miss our 5 hottest selling name jewelry, you may get the gift ideas! 

1.Bamboo Hoop Name Earrings Customize

This classic bamboo earring, shown in18k gold plated/sterling silver, remains at the top of our bestseller list all the time. Classic and simple bamboo earrings  is a popular gift for new graduates and as a treat-yourself gift for women of all ages..You can choose the font you like. In fact, most people perfer the Old English font. Have a try?

2.Personalized Name Hoop Earrings Personality Hiphop Sexy

This hoop earrings are full of personality and sexy. Simple shapes and gorgeous fonts give people a visual enjoyment. Simple and stylish hoop name earrings make the perfect gifts for Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Graduation, Valentine's Day. For this, mutiple size are available, up to 100mm. 

3.Personalized Twist Name Hoop Earrings

Classic hoop decorate with the twist design. We all love to stay fashionable and what better way than to give a personalized twist earring. Personalized name earrings are certainly on trend. Celebrities from all genres, pop icons to movie stars are showing their love for all things personal.Fashion and sexy girls can’t miss it.

4.Personalized Crystal Name Bamboo Hoop Ear

Classic bamboo earrings with Swarovski zircon are definitely perfect gift. Wouldn't it be perfect if you could get the gift that your loved one would treasure forever. When the zircon sparkles in the sun, you are the protagonist of the world

5.Personalized Gold Name Bangle

This bracelet is exquisite and can be adjusted by yourself. Popular as a birthday present for ladies of all ages, this bracelet is an easy win for a gift on any occasion. At any time, it can been seen when the hand is raised, silently accompanying and protecting.

Czowl jewelty have to go through many steps before they can be delivered to their hosts, so all encounters are  kinds of fate. Cherish the moment! Get your gitt shopping started and have fun adding all the personal touches to show your loved ones just how much you care.