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The meaning of wish bone

What is a wish bone?

 The wishing bone is a two-forked bone in the breast of a turkey. There is an ancient custom. When you eat this bone, two people have to compete, and one will pull each other together. If you pull a bit longer, you will have good luck. , Can make a secret wish. So wishbone is called "wishbone", or "wishbone".

 There is a thin “Y”-shaped bone in the chest cavity of the chicken. Take it out completely, and then two people hold the two ends of the fork and pull it off. The top of the bone is in whose hand, whoever is that Lucky person. In the traditions of some Western countries, people use the collarbones of poultry (mainly turkeys or chickens) to make a wish. It is said that the wish can be realized. Therefore, the chicken clavicle is also called the "wish bone".



What is the meaning of a wish bone?

 Wish bones are also called wish bones, and some are called bone forks. It comes from the Western custom that two people pull the wishbone and fold it for a longer period of time. And bringing the wish bone on your body can bring good luck to yourself. This is a very ancient method of divination and blessing. When two people have secrets and wish to achieve, they can find a piece of animal clavicle. Two people meditate on their wishes in their hearts and fill their minds with the clavicle they take. Hold the two ends of the bone and pull hard until the V-shaped bone is broken and the person's wish will come true.


 The wishbone necklace symbolizes making Kay’s Ferris wheel diamond necklace and has the hope of romance and happiness. Legend has it that lovers who ride the Ferris wheel together will eventually end in success, but when the Ferris wheel reaches the highest point, if you kiss your lover, you will always Go down. Legend has it that every box of the Ferris wheel is filled with happiness. When we look up at the Ferris wheel, we are looking up at happiness. How high is happiness, how high is the Ferris wheel.

 The meaning of wearing a wishbone necklace

 It is said that wearing a wishbone necklace can bring good luck to yourself, family, friends, and people you like. He had secretly liked her since the first meeting, but he didn't dare to confess to her. Because he was afraid of being rejected, afraid of losing her completely, and even losing the right to be a friend. He can only hide this feeling in his heart silently, acting as her good friend every day. Finally one day, he decided to confess his love to her. Knowing that she likes trinkets very much, he used his pocket money to buy a beautiful Ruyi clavicle necklace for her in Zokai. Finally, the girl was moved. After leaving tears, he finally accepted the boy. The wishful clavicle necklace brought him good luck, and the two finally got married.


Many goddesses are lovers of wishbone necklaces, and wishbone necklaces have beautiful meanings. It seems that all have the ability to make your dreams come true. It is like planting a seed of hope in your heart, graceful, lively and spiritual. Every time you wear a necklace, you will be one step closer to your desire.