Before you know it, the year 2020 is coming to an end. Getting together with your family and counting down the days is a very happy thing. Of course, a perfect New Year's gift shouldn't be absent. Here are some of our new New Year gifts for you.

1.Personalized Boy Girl Pendant Necklace with Birthstone 

This is a kid necklace, perfect for new year. You can choose boy or girls pattern, and engraved with his names. It was like an identity document, a child who was loved by his mother. Who's not mom's little angel?

A good gift for new mom also,You can choose 5 names at most, and custom with the particular birthstone.

2.Customized Engraved Birthstone Baby Feet Bangle

This is feet shape with birthstone bracelet.

 Isn’t great to engrave her/his name in one foot, and the date of birth on the another foot, finally add the right birthstone? 

The cute foot bracelet has won the favor of many mother. I have to say, a nice gift for new mom or mother-to-be.

3.Personalized Initial Necklace Custom Date Disc Pendant Necklace.

This is a classical coin custom necklace. Simple design as a nickel, elegant and meaningful still. In your head, think of a letter that is most important to you, it maybe one of your name, or one of the letters of your loved one's name. Then leaving some number under it, it can be The date of the first date, wedding anniversary, the date of birth, etc.

4.Customized Necklaces Engrave Photo Name Necklace Heart Pendant

Put one’s photo in there, it can be your loving grandmother, or your lover. Make their those wonderful moments into eternity with a photo necklace. While you are protecting the person in the photo, the person in the photo is also protecting you. 

Let us do each others angel, even if not around, will also silently protect one in the heart.

Hope all of us can all go to 2021 with the wonderful memories of 2020 and live a wonderful life in 2021!