1.The earrings were damaged when they arrived.

The earrings may be damaged during transportation. 

When you find  the that the earrings that arrived

are broken,contact us via email  or Facebook  immediately, providing your order number

 and a effective photo. We will work 

together to solve it.

2.The Post Stud Earrings Damaged

It's not uncommon for stud earrings to come apart. All that's necessary is E6000 glue or Aleene's Ultimate Glue. Leave the glue to set for several hours - until it's crispy, not soft. Use the tip of a razor blade or stanley knife to raise an edge of the glue outside the cup. Take care not to scratch the earrings. With luck, you can now peel off the glue around the cup. A fingernail is ideal for flicking off anything that remains.

3.The hoop earrings are too loose.

It may become loose 

after using it many times.

 In the case of hinged hoop earring

 earrings, they were tension set, rather

 than pin set, which is why it eventually 

came loose. In the future, you just need a pair

 of pliers to press the outer sections together from

time to time to ensure they don't release the post.

If you have any other problems, feel free to contact us.