Delivery is always the most concerned issue of consumers. Many people have those questions: Where is my order? Why is the logistics information not updated? Why I haven’t received my order? The following are three possible circumstances:

1.The parcel have not been shipped.

The production needs to go through the following steps:

  • The designer will make a digital render of your jewelry.
  • The jewelry goes through the casting process by our skilled craftsmen.  Each material is carefully selected and reviewed for shiny and clarity. 
  • A polisher works to make sure the metal is polished to perfection so it’s as shiny as possible.  

Depending on the complexity of the product, this can take anywhere from a day to a week. What’s more, customized goods needs more time to complete the production.

Depending on the local transportation system, the maximum shipping time may be 15 days. And there are many uncertain factors in the process of transportation, such as customs detaining, parcels losing, etc.

If the logistic information have not update for a long time(eg. over 10 days), please timely contact our staff via email or Facebook  in case we are overlooking.

3.The parcel has arrived

There may be a time delay after you receiving the shipment delivered email, so just be more patient and you will get your love.

It may deliver in your mail box or the local post depending on the delivery address. Please don't forget to find your package from the above. Because we found some parcels are still waiting to be picked up in the post.

You haven’t get your parcel from the post with your tracking number. We suggest you to contact your local post or the courier compamy to get more information. And keep us informed of the latest news, we will try our best to help.