Fall Anniversary? These Custom Name Necklace are the ideal Gifts. for the romantic season. A stylish sweater and a delicate necklace are perfect. We’re “falling” for these custom necklace because nothing says, “I love you,” quite like your own memory can. 

For an unique anniversary gift, give her a name necklace. These Custom name necklace make the love special.

Say, her name, transcribe her pet name, your secret code word, or “I love you”, "my angle" etc. Whatever you choose, putting those special words into elegant necklace will make them even more precious.

If you can’t choose just one thing to write, the multiple name necklace is a good option. With those, you can sign both your names, note the location and date of your honeymoon, the number of days you've been in loveor, even include the names of your children. 

The elegant necklace will put all your memories into a timeless piece she’ll want to wear through fall and beyond!

When you just have too many memories to capture into one name necklace, layer it! The choker name necklaces has room for you to lay other necklace. Why not chose a photo necklace and write down the memory on the back? A family name necklace also is a good choice. 

This name necklace opens up so many possibilities to share your heart. Choose from gold, rose gold, or silver for a piece that pairs perfectly with your special someone’s autumn wardrobe.

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